GSHD 2 Update: Team BBC Sherlock’s Captain Announced

Last week the Always 1895 Press Syndicate announced that London (England) will be the host of the second Great Sherlock Holmes Debate in March 2012. Over the next two months I’ll be posting small updates as new information becomes available. If you have any questions or information regarding the GSHD2 email me at: always1895[at] - “Let me have the straight tip and you won’t be a loser.” (SILV)

[There’s me looking for inside info about the GSHD2.]

First up, Kristina of the Baker Street Babes has been chosen captain of Team BBC Sherlock. A participant in the first debate, it should be no surprise to fans of the Baker Street Babes podcast to learn that their founding member will be leading the charge against Team Warner Bros Sherlock. It would be an understatement to say that Kristina and the other Babes of Baker Street are ardent fans of Gatiss/Moffat's Holmes adaptation (and particularly Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch for his dreamy portrayal of the Great Detective) so expect a no holds barred defense.

[To date, the Babes have clocked over 41,000 podcast listens - that’s a whole lot of Sherlockian babery!]

From ‘Meet the Babes’: Curly aka Kristina is the founder of the Baker Street Babes. American born but English at heart, she lives between D.C. and London, hoping to call the latter her permanent home. An avid supporter of The Great Mouse Detective (1986), Curly has loved the detective mouse since her childhood, and it was that which got her into Sherlock Holmes. She would like to congratulate herself on her amazing intros on the podcast, and say a genuine thank you to each and every listener. You can find out all you’d like to know about her at her website or follow her on Twitter @CurlyFourEyes.” For more information on Captain Curly, listen to an audio interview with her from about three months ago conducted by the Geek Girls Network and stay tuned to Always1895 for an interview with the alpha Babe as well as other GSHD2 updates.

Coming soon in GSHD2 news: who will face-off against Curly as the team captain of Warner Bros Sherlock?!

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