39 Years Ago Today Vincent Starrett Departed This Mortal Coil

One month after the death of Sherlockian uberman Vincent Starrett (1886 - 1974), Jeffrey L. Michelman writing in “The Unique Vincent” attempted to grapple with this momentous loss through verse. He composed a poem in nine stanzas “dedicated to the memory of Vincent Starrett” and published it in The Devon County Chronicle (DCC 10, No. 2). 

Even the Master in Sussex

Gathering honey

From the hive

Would I’m sure admit

With Vincent Starrett gone,

It’s no longer 1895.


[Vincent Starrett (October 26, 1886 – January 5, 1974).]

Note: I came across the above poem fragment in Ronald Burt De Waal's The International Sherlock Holmes: A Companion Volume to The World Bibliography of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson (1988) under Vincent Starrett’s entry in “Sherlockians (Bibliographies, Reminiscences and Tributes)”. 


[De Waal’s The International Sherlock Holmes (1988).]

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